To develop cheaper, but better quality building materials

In its R&D activities MultiCON GmbH aims the production of cheaper cement material without quality loss. Owing to cement substitution by inert materials and less water content it was possible to provide on the market cost efficient cement solution with higher compressive and earlier strength, higher tensile strengthens, and workability on a level of SCC characteristic. Furthermore, the all cement solutions are developed according European Norm EN 206.

To provide on the market ecological cement solution

The company focuses on providing a sustainable and economical concrete solution; in highest quality with less harm towards to the nature. Thanks to new developed suspension concrete, CO2 reduction up to 40% was obtained. Moreover, the strong matrix of suspension slurry (with optimized sieve curves) allows the use of any available and recycling materials.

To expand the concrete sorting

Owing to a dual-mixing system combined with the high mixing speeds, it became possible to produce different types of concrete in the same mixer. At present, there is an optimized standard concrete - OptiCON™, a lightweight perlite concrete without sand - PerlCON™, and an aerated concrete without autoclaves - AerCON™.

To develop the application field

MultiCON aspires providing concrete assortment that covers a wide range of applications due to possibility of different fillers types in the mixing.