Environmental Considirations & CO2 Reduction

MultiCON developments are dedicated to leverage innovative concrete production methods to stimulate competitive market. We endeavor to bring sustainable concrete solutions and decrease a carbon foot print. Furthermore, we stepped up in order to obtain ways to promote the optimized concrete technology projects and investments in various countries.

As part of the climate change policy, the further reduction of CO2 emissions is currently one of the most important tasks in the international and economic policy. Last states of Paris Environment Agreement signed in December’15 aims by 2030 the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40%.  The Agreement will inter the forces when 55 companies that will cover 55% of global greenhouse emission join the initiative. In the meantime, there are already 26 companies have deposited their instruments of ratification.

1000 kg of cement production generates 850 kg of dioxide carbon . That is about 272 kg CO2 per cubic meter concrete with 320 kg/m³ cement. By means of a cement reduction by 100 kg/m³, 85 kg/m³ of CO2 can thus be saved which means a significantly CO2 emission reduction to 187 kg/m³.