OptiCON ™ is water- and cement-optimized normal concrete. These concrete products based on a liquefying effect of the dual mixing method that allows to reduce the amount of water, ensures good processability and leads to higher strength. Thus, MultiCON advances the development of concrete with significantly reduced cement part.

Technical Figures of OptiCON™

Concrete substitution by 100 kg/m³
Water/cement ratio = 0.46
Slump = 56 cm
Strength 8 hours = 18.3 N/mm²
Strength 28 days = 39.7 N/mm²

OptiCON™ Applicatıon

OptiCON™ can be applied for any kind of constructions normal concrete alike. Furthermore, the application field can be extended based on improved features to self-compacting (SCC) concrete characteristics. OptiCON™ can be used for other construction types and elements:
Building sites and skyscrapers, e.g. flexible systems
Precast concrete plants and elements, e.g. beams, columns, slabs, walls, foundations
All kinds of concrete constructions

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