Application Range

Suspension Concrete is applied in many different cases. Some of them are represented below on the following webpage. However, the application of suspension concrete is not limited in those few examples.

OptiCON™: Normal concrete

OptiCON™ can be applied everywhere as conventional standard concrete - but optimized and improved, like with self-compacting concrete characteristics. References by the Oberndorfer GmbH, Gunskirchen, Austria:

PerlCON™: Lightweight concrete without sand

PerlCON™ consist perlite or other lightweight aggregates such as styrofoam, lekka, liapor, etc. - no float of the lightweight concrete aggregates, absolutely layer stable, easily dyed.

Precast elements:

  • Double walls;
  • Filigree slab;
  • Solid walls;
  • Hollow core;
  • Stairs;
  • Columns.


  • Modules for low-cost housing (beams, columns, slabs);
  • Garages modules;
  • Sanitary cells and blocks;
  • Precast lightweight elements such as solid walls for housing in sub-tropic climate regions with lower insulation
  • Colored lightweight facades elements.


AerCON™: Aerated concrete

Aerated concrete slurry is light concrete with foaming agent without expensive and energy-intensive autoclaves.

 Plant engineering

  • Integration into existing plants
  • Stationary mixing plant for transport concrete
  • Stationary mixing plant or integration for prefabricated parts
  • Mobile or flexible installation for construction sites and high-rise buildings